Sustainable Building Materials

Over the last few years, construction of houses has significantly changed. Most of the realtors are now devising strategies that will not only see them construct a cheap house but an efficient product that can be accepted across the board. Coming up with a cost-friendly house that is efficient and environmental friendly property is not an easy undertaking. It requires extensive research, knowledge, and creativity. The market is further complicated by customers who are interested in customized products that match their specific needs. To construct environmental friendly houses, real estate constructors are using the following strategies. 

Shipment Containers 

Nobody thought that shipping containers will one day be used as homes and houses for various families. However, recent trends indicate that a significant number of people are using shipping containers to construct their homes. These materials are eco-friendly as one does not have to cut timber and other vegetation to roof the house. A shipment container is covered on all sides, which means that only the interiors that require slight maintenance and decoration. The only problem with shipment containers is that most of them have been involved in long voyages, which makes them exhibit high levels rust, wear and tear. 

Recycled Steel 

Steel is one of the building materials that has been used for many decades. Even in early civilization countries such as Greece, Egypt, and Mesopotamia, steel was still in use. This means that steel remains to be one of the most adored and preferred building material. However, to produce steel, a lot of energy is required during smelting and other activities that can be used to make steel a good construction material. To avoid the wastage of much energy during smelting, most of the builders are now preferring recycled steel. This means that there is no smelting. Only a little furnishing and the material is ready to be used as a construction material. There are multiple sources of recycled steel such as old infrastructures and factories. 


This is one of the most recognized tree plants around the world. Every country that has running water has bamboo trees, which grow rapidly and can grow in any environment, provided that there is a flow of water. Over the last few years, bamboo is becoming a popular building material that most of the people around the world are using as a construction material. This material is known for its tensile and strength, which makes it stand out when compared to other building materials. Most of the realtors have been using bamboo so that they can be able to beat the competitor’s price. Moreover, bamboo is a sustainable building material as it can be replenished within a short period as compared to other plants that will take years. 

Sheep’s Wool 

This looks funny. Isn’t it? Sheep wool can be used for constructing houses, albeit at the interior parts. Cloth manufacturers have for a longer period preferred to use sheep wool as an insulating material to make winter clothes. The wool helps in insulating the body and making sure that the cold air from outside does not come into contact with the body. The same insulating properties can be used in insulating houses in areas that experience snow, especially during the winter. Sheep wool is a sustainable insulating material as it will be replenished within a short period. 

Recycled Timber 

As highlighted earlier, recycled steel is a sustainable building material that has been used for many decades. The same applies to recycled timber, which is now a common building material in various parts of the world. It is not easy to find new timber because of the scarcity of trees and government regulations. This explains why builders have turned into recycled timber as one of the leading materials in the construction industry. Recycled timber is durable and does not warp or break easily, which makes it a reliable building material. The only problem is that most of the recycled timber is not regular in shape, which means that some work needs to be done before the material can be ready for construction. Recycled timber can be found in old buildings and the collapsed factories. 

Recycled Plastic 

As the world becomes very sensitive about environmental sustainability, recycled plastic is becoming a building material that is providing a reprieve to many families. There are strict government regulations that are preventing individuals and companies from disposing of used plastic bottles and anything else made of plastic. Some countries around the world have also banned plastic as an environmental conservation strategy. However, builders have taken the opportunity of the excess plastic materials available to use them as building materials. This is a very important strategy as it is preventing the accumulation of plastic in the sea and oceans.

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