Top 5 Ways to Make Use of Vintage Furniture as a Bathroom Vanity

Step aside characterless bathroom counters. Move over pedestal sinks. There are new styles in town that are vintage in look, but fresh in feel. 

Putting older furniture to use as bathroom vanities isn't a new concept, but we've been seeing it pop up everywhere lately. We're not whining as it's definitely a look we love and we've noticed that many clients have been asking for it recently as well. If you've been thinking about bringing a bit of vintage style to your bathroom, then this is what you need to keep in mind.

Sink Type

When you look at bathrooms, there are four primary types of basins. Each will be viable in a variety of sizes, materials, colors and shapes. You might fall increasingly in love with a particular basin and decide on your piece of furniture based on that or your choice of basin may depend on a piece of furniture you're looking to repurpose. Make sure you're ready if you want to do both at the same time because not every type of basin works with every piece of furniture.

Undermount sinks do precisely what it says on the container. They're mounted beneath the countertop to make the basin overhang a bit. They are simple as an object to clean around and will make all usable counter space more apparent. When you're using this kind of basin with a piece of vintage furniture, the material of the countertop is going to need to be cropped to fit the basin's shape. The material also needs to be non-porous and sturdy enough to endure water.

Overmount sinks or drop-in basins sit on top of the counter with a lip on their edge. They're straightforward to locate and can alter the appearance of the paired furniture the least of any type of basin. This is because it's possible to retain the top area of the piece.

Countertop sinks are also named sit-on bowls or vessel basins and sit on top of your vanity by the bottom of the waste outlet. These kinds of basins come in a large variety of shapes and materials from simple white porcelain to colorful bold acrylic or luxe cut crystal. They could also be shallow or deep. It's important to keep in mind the height while you're pairing it with a piece of vintage furniture.

Furniture basins are intended to be paired with a storage vanity through a bathroom showroom or company. The countertop, the basin and sometimes the upstand are a single solid piece. The storage unit affixes primly underneath. They can be hard to pair with vintage pieces because of this unless you apply them in an overmount basin-style atop a much bigger piece.

Furniture Style

As you're looking for the right piece of furniture for the upcoming bathroom vanity, don't just stick to tables. Desks, dressers, sideboards and even vintage sewing machines could be a viable option. Get creative and think outside the box while you're hunting to find the perfect fit. Remain practical at the same time. This probably isn't the time nor place to use one of your family heirlooms or priceless antiques. Once a piece is modified, there's no going back. The most vital factor in all of this is to think about size. That means whether the piece's scope is going to work for the intended space and give you the required basin and counter space you need.

Height Matters

The "new dictate" for a traditional bathroom vanity that contains an undermount or set-in sink is how the countertop ought to finish 34-36" off the ground. This is a variation of the standard from the past which was 32-34" and probably in response to the overall rising height of the population in general. As you're making use of a vessel or countertop basin the game will change. The goal is for the head of the basin to be at the normal height and not the countertop underneath it. To achieve this, furniture used as a vanity needs to be lower.

We feel that it's better to have flexible guidelines with a look like this. It's extremely hard to pick out the best vintage piece at the perfect size for your bathroom vanity. Keep the following questions in your mind while you're looking for furniture:

• If I hung a mirror over the piece, would it be at a height that I could see my entire face?

• Can I brush my teeth comfortably in front of this?

• Who is going to be using this bathroom other than me? What's their height? (Kids can always use a stool at the basin while they're growing, but visitors and the elderly don't have that option.)

If you are satisfied with the height and it is practical and comfortable for you, then go for it. Another option is to find the right piece, get rid of those bothersome legs and mount it on the wall at the right height for the basin. Vanities mounted on the wall have the extra bonuses of allowing the space to feel bigger and being a breeze to clean under.

Counter Material

The surface on top of your fresh bathroom vanity is a vital thing to consider. Depending on what combo of furniture and basin is chosen, you could be required to pick something new.

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